Orthopedic dentistry or orthodontic is a part of dentistry that treat all teeth malocclusions as well as all jaw anomalies. Our consultant dr Salndra Milojevic is an orthopedic dentistry specialist who creates new and healthy smiles in our dental clinic.

An orthodontist can carry out work that aims to achieve the following:

  • Closing the gaps between teeth
  • Aligning the teeth
  • Boosting long term gum and teeth health
  • Fixing malocclusions ( open bite, overbite , etc. ) that can lead to teeth and jaw pain and trauma

The most popular way in treating dental malocclusions are aesthetic fixed braces which are invisible and very comfortable . Duration of therapy variate from patient to patient , and it last from one to two and half year. But after the ortho therapy with braces is done, we must consider that teeth are having their natural and slightly movement in previous position. In manor of that we advice our patients to extend therapy by wearing dental splints overnight for about 2-3 years ( double time than previous therapy with braces ) .

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