Pediatric Dentistry

In our dental office , we pay main attention on pediatric oral health. According to that, we are establishing a habit of dental checkups every six months, and if it comes to some dental treatment, our little patients are having a comfortable and painless procedure. Our pediatric specialist , dr Isidora Nešković, her rich work experience gain by working in Dentistry Clinic of Vojvodina , where she is working today. It is necessary to ensure a friendly approach to each patient , first of all by teaching them how to maintain their oral health even before a severe tooth ache .

Pediatric Dentistry

Let’s take a look at the importance of visiting dentist before the tooth hurts. A 4-5 years old child usually comes to the office scared and full of mistrust, which is justified. Then it is necessary to perform an examination, which is absolutely painless, to allow the child to take a look at the all instruments and to touch them. They are especially interested in machine brushing their teeth, as well as riding in a chair. The pediatric dentist is there to gain little patients full trust and to explain every segment of the intervention. Once you make them trust you , then every visit to the dentist is not a big deal.

Early Childhood Caries

Circular caries is a special type of carious lesions. It often occurs on the anterior surfaces of the upper incisors and canines, progresses rapidly and can cause tooth fracture. It is necessary to react quickly, in order to prevent complications. Early childhood caries is a result of the constant action of sugar from food and soft drinks. The most common cause is sweetened drinks (juices and milk) that are given to the child before the bedtime. During the night bacteries have a source of food and their action cause tooth demineralization and forming a caries cavity.

Preventive dental checkups are recommended once every six months , and if it is necessary earlier.

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