What are dental implants ?

The most common answer on that question would be , that dental implants represent an artificial root of the tooth, and after several months, suprastructure ( metal ceramic , zirconia crown ,etc. ) will be added on it.

Who are potential patients for implant placement ? First of all , we must say that crucial thing for the patient is high level oral hygiene . That is the most important thing in survival implant rate. Also, some chronical diseases are contraindications for implant placement ( radiation in head and neck area, osteoporosis, etc. ) After clinical examination, implant measurements on 3d scan should be done. Enough height and bone thickness is very important, and by that we choose an adequate implant . The next step is surgery, and implant placement in local anesthesia. Resting period is about 7 days , and after that sutures should be removed.

General health conditions , chronical diseases and bad habits are primary thigs that someone is candidate for implant placement ,and someone is not .

  • Untreated sugar disease
  • Radiation therapy in head and neck region
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bruxism
  • High tobacco addiction
  • Inappropriate oral hygiene

In our dental clinic we are using PREMIUM implant system – Straumann implants ,which are one of the best in the world. High standard, various suprastructures , maintain high class prosthetic restorations .

Implant insertion is painless procedure ,and it is done in local anesthesia. After implant osteointegration (about 6 months), all prosthodontic treatments should be done.

More information about postoperative period ,and implant healing, you can check here

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