Prosthodontic is a branch of dentistry that restore missing teeth and improve aesthetic of existing one with artificial substitute . These artificial materials constitute a vide variety of restorations including inlays and onlays , veneers , metal ceramic or full ceramic crowns , dentures , and suprastructures on dental implants.

According to the attachment , all prosthodontic restorations can be divided in two groups : fixed and mobile restorations. When we are talking about ease ,all fixed restorations are more comfortable than the mobile one.

Fixed prosthodontics restorations

  • Metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Full ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Inley and Onlays
  • Crowns and bridges on implants
  • Veneers

Mobile prosthodontics restorations

  • Full arch and partial dentures
  • Wisil dentures
  • Implant attached denturess

A major part of a Prosthodontist’s everyday work is related to cosmetics. Whether it is a single restoration or a more extensive rehabilitation, there is always a common denominator: the artificial component(s) has to blend harmoniously with the surrounding oral environment. In everyday practice, Prosthodontics and cosmetics go hand in hand. Any procedure prescribed to a patient not only has to be functional and comfortable but it also has to faithfully reproduce form and esthetics. Prosthodontists are playing a key role in helping patients maintain a healthy and attractive appearance. Prosthodontists are experts in whitening and bonding techniques, colour matching, use of veneers to reshape teeth and enhance appearance, and the precise fabrication and placement of fixed prostheses such as crowns and bridges. Prosthodontists combine the mind of a health care professional with the hands and the eyes of an artist to create healthy natural-looking restorations.

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